Dipika Patel

“Firstly thank you so much for your help throughout the process of buying our first property and I have a few words for Harpreet.

To Harpreet, thank you is an understatement, you have been amazing throughout the whole process of us buying our first property. You are the kindest and most hardworking individual and you are an asset to your company. The amount of times my name must have flagged up in your emails and how quickly you responded to every ‘call me please’ email or any other query we had was brilliant. You definitely provided a plus 5 star service. In a time like this, you were keeping me calm and telling me how smoothly everything will go not knowing what that day was going to hold yourself. The communication side of it all was brilliant, the answers to common questions which I had no clue on were answered as soon as. Harpreet said many time, “no question is silly go ahead and ask everything you need to know”. Thank you Harpreet, I think working with such a reputable company was amazing, I will recommend BP legal to all my family and friends. Thank you so much 😊”